Shila Master Class 2021

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Design Concept

Let’s Sing with Shila Amzah

Singer Shila Amzah, as the first Malay-speaking artist in Asia, who made it big and break through the Chinese music market and proved that herself is indestructible. Shila is well known as the iron lung of Malaysia, her explosive singing style can also have delicate vocal at the same time. We are Inspired by Shila’s singing ability, created the key visual design with using mirror surface and delicate music elements to describe the feeling of the whole tv program, to bring out the power of just like Shila’s vocal.

Brand Logo Design

Shila Amzah leads her first Mandarin Music reality show and set to air at 9pm every Saturday on 8TV. The aspiring singers in the competition will also be guided by popular artistes such as Nicholas Teoh, Jaclyn Victor, Priscilla Abby, Kaka Azraff, Naim Daniel, Nikki Palikat and Elvira Arul.

Main Colour

Secondary Colour

Support Colour

The design concept of the TV show is based on a glowing planet. We use the mirror effect as the main visual effect, and match it with a series of galaxy colours palette to bring out the unique of the show.